Thrive Optimize is an add-on to Thrive Architect, a page builder and Thrive Themes’ flagship product. If you haven’t heard of Thrive Themes, they are a leading WordPress premium plugins and theme provider.

In the past, we reviewed some of Thrive Themes’ products to great satisfaction and looked forward to reviewing Thrive Optimize as well.

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So how is Thrive Optimize and what does it bring to the table? With so many A/B Testing software as well as WordPress plugins, it is easy to get confused. Do not fear as we will help you as well as answer some of the questions below

  • Do I need A/B Testing?
  • What does Thrive Optimize do?
  • How does Thrive Optimize compare to competitors?
  • Is Thrive Optimize worth purchasing?

Continue reading Thrive Optimize review below.

Thrive Optimize Review: An Introduction

Thrive Optimize brings an easy to use, set and automate A/B Testing to your Thrive Architect based landing pages.

In the world of digital marketing, landing pages are crucial to improve conversion rates. Unbounce mentioned that targeted landing pages works better than the homepage, which is much more general than the landing page.

But while your landing page might be more specific than your homepage, it is easy to second guess where to place certain elements. And to guess which elements actually work. Here is where A/B testing excels.

Why Conduct A/B Testing?

AB Testing Wins: Thrive Optimize Review

I like WPLift’s simple but simple explanation about A/B testing, so I have placed it below.

Here’s the brutal truth: Your website will never be perfect. No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears you pour into it, there will always be ways to improve. Done right, A/B testing helps you find those ways in a fairly scientific way. You can improve your conversion rates, get more email subscribers, make more money, or just offer a better user experience.

How do you make changes to your WordPress site? Do you “think” of a way to improve your site, make a major change, and call it a day? If so, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Making changes to your website without testing them is dangerous business. You’ll never know whether your change was one step forward or two steps back. To avoid such doubts, you should A/B test any significant changes before rolling them out permanently. A/B testing, also known as split testing, lets you test multiple variants of a page against one another so that you can find the variant which performs best.1 

Thus, if we are able to increase conversion rates by an extra 10% or 30% with A/B Testing, what difference would it make to your margins? Proper A/B Testing might even increase your conversion rates by 400%, making A/B Testing a necessity for modern websites.

The Problem With A/B Testing

However A/B Testing is either expensive or complicated. All these while, WordPress users have shied away from A/B Testing their landing pages because of the price/work required. Why pay so much for an A/B Tested landing page when your website isn’t making money yet?

Fortunately, Thrive Themes realised the issue and released Thrive Optimize.

Thrive Optimize Review: Strengths

Thrive Optimize Review: The Results Chart

Thrive Optimize thrives by being focused and easy to use. Creating an A/B test is as easy as clicking the ‘Create a new A/B test’ button, selecting from a preset landing page template and viola, you are up and running.

Of course, you can tweak the preset landing page template or drag-and-drop your own design using the powerful Thrive Architect.

You then just need to name your test, set the goal and you are done. Setting up A/B Testing has never been so easy in WordPress. Previously we had clunky plugins that required a number of steps and some code pasting before it worked.

To me, Thrive Optimize strengths are as follows:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to use A/B Testing system
  • Ability to set an automated winner
  • Ability to run multiple A/B tests on a single page
  • Ability to run unlimited A/B tests on the entire website
  • Ability to set the amount of traffic for each test
  • Ability to set up an A/B tested funnel system
  • Runs on a powerful page builder, Thrive Architect.

Before we continue further on Thrive Optimize’s weaknesses, you need to realise that before 2018, WordPress did not have A/B Testing bundled with their popular page builders.

So, compared to Optimizely, Unbounce and even ClickFunnels, WordPress was lacking. And all the sudden, with Thrive Optimize, we have A/B Testing and could easily setup a funnel system on WordPress itself.

But how does Thrive Optimize compare to its competitors? Looking at the comparison below, we see Thrive Optimize delivering unbeatable value for you and your business.

Thrive Optimize’s Competitors:

  • AB Press Optimizer – $49/year. Test only elements on the page. No landing page builder.
  • AB Tasty – $140/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder. 40k visitors/month.
  • – $449/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder. 800k visitors.
  • Instapage – $129/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder.
  • LeadPages – $79/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder.
  • Nelio AB Testing – $89/month. Full A/B Testing. Works with existing page builders. 35000 page test/month.
  • Thrive Optimize – $67/lifetime. Full A/B Testing. Works with Thrive Architect page builder.
  • Visual Web Optimizer – $299/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder.
  • Unbounce – $99/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder with a limit of 75 landing pages.
  • – $99/month. Full A/B Testing. Includes landing page builder. 50000 impressions/month.

WordPress based competitors:

  • Beaver Builder – $99/year. No A/B Testing.
  • Divi – $249/lifetime. Full A/B Testing with Divi Leads.
  • Elementor Pro – $49/year. No A/B Testing.

Why pay so much for Nelio, Unbounce or Optimizely when you can pay $67 for a lifetime license of Thrive Optimize? That itself is a major selling point for digital marketers who want a powerful page builder with A/B Testing.

Thrive Optimize Review: Weaknesses

But does Thrive Optimize have weaknesses? Yes. If you are looking to test your Optin Forms, post titles, do multivariate testing or heatmap testing, Thrive Optimize doesn’t do that.

Instead, to test your optin forms and post titles, you could get Thrive Leads and Thrive Headline Optimizer instead. These are two very powerful but yet affordable plugins.

Thrive Optimize’s other weakness is that you need WordPress and specifically use the Thrive Architect page builder.

Thrive Optimize Review: The Conclusion

Should you get Thrive Optimize? If you do digital marketing for yourself or others, you won’t go wrong with Thrive Optimize. It provides a powerful and simple A/B system for your landing pages.

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