Kyvio is a marketing platform that lets us sell both digital and physical products to our customers. It comes with a Funnel Builder, Membership Builder, Email Marketing Center as well as an Affiliate Center.

With so many things going on with Kyvio, it is easy to get confused with the unique selling point of the software. At the time of writing though, I feel that Kyvio focus is towards membership sites via optimised sales funnels.

So what makes Kyvio (previously known as InstaSuite) different from say other hosted platforms like Squarespace, Wix and even the king of funnels, ClickFunnels? Read on as we bring you through our Kyvio review.

Kyvio Review: An Introduction to Kyvio

Websites are crucial in this time of age of hyper-connectivity. We are constantly connected to the internet and more so via our phones. With Website Builders like Squarespace and Wix as well as Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal, why do we need Kyvio?

Kyvio specialises on converting your visitors into customers via as ‘sales funnels’. Among the more famous Sales Funnels focused software are Convertri, LeadPages, ClickFunnels as well as InstaSuite, which later rebranded as Kyvio.

Kyvio Review: First Impressions

I have never heard of Kyvio before encountering it on AppSumo during its brief lifetime deal. It was branded as InstaSuite and honestly, my first impression of Kyvio wasn’t great.

Kyvio Review: Page Builder/Smart Funnels Module

Coming from WordPress, I found the Kyvio Page Builder feels like going through some Back to the Future episode. The blocks look dated while certain elements don’t work.

Kyvio's Page Builder
Kyvio’s Page Builder

In comparison, ClickFunnels comes with much better elements and a number of paid plus free templates. If you are on WordPress, Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect does the job really well.

Clickfunnels Pre-Built Funnels
Clickfunnels Pre-Built Funnels

Back to Kyvio’s Smart Funnels Module, there is also this upsell and downsell thing that didn’t make sense. While were we presented with an option to have upsell and downsell and the amount of upsell/downsell these upsell/downsell pages are not automatically connected.

Kyvio Review: Membership Module

In WordPress, membership plugins like MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro usually serves to serve courses/content other than perhaps link to ecommerce stores like WooCommerce.

On the membership part, Kyvio is pretty solid if not spectacular. We have the compulsory ability to drip feed content. This means, you don’t need to worry of students who sign up as a member, download everything and then leave within a few hours.

Kyvio's Membership Module
Kyvio’s Membership Module

Another good thing about Kyvio, is the ability to have multiple concurrent membership. This means, you are able to sell multiple courses on your Kyvio site. This is a powerful feature that will help grow your business.

Having said good things about Kyvio’s Membership module, they do have a bunch of weaknesses compared to say Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress.

For one, there is no ability to prorate charges if the customers upgrade. For now, your customers would have to cancel their subscription and then subscribe again to a higher/lower level membership.

There is also no easy way to just sell the membership products without going through their sales funnel. As such, it could be cumbersome especially if you just want to set up something and link to it via your WordPress pages.

Coupon codes and discounts are not ready yet (as of time of writing). So you can’t give your readers, friends and family members discount off the normal rates.

So how does Kyvio do? Should you use Kyvio for your needs or should you stay away from Kyvio?

Kyvio Review: Why Kyvio?

I would say if you want something that just works and prefer to focus on building valuable courses, then Kyvio might do the job for you. While it lacks in certain features compared to say WordPress’ Restrict Content Pro + Page Builder or ClickFunnels, it has potential to grow.

Let us look further into how Kyvio performs compared to its main competitors

Kyvio Review: Kyvio vs ClickFunnels

Compared to ClickFunnels, Kyvio is unpolished. But ClickFunnels is much more expensive than Kyvio. At $97/month compared to Kyvio’s $29/month, ClickFunnels is nicer to use in every way. Heck, even their page builder gives WordPress leading page builders a run for their money.

However compared to ClickFunnels who have a Memberships Funnel, Kyvio places much more emphasis on their Membership Module.

What happens if we want to have extra lessons depending on Membership level on ClickFunnels? Oh well, ClickFunnels cannot do that.

However, if you are just looking for an easy to use Sales Funnels system (and not wait for Kyvio), ClickFunnels is your best bet for now.

Kyvio Review: Kyvio vs WordPress

Compared to WordPress, Kyvio shines if you only want to focus on selling products/membership. Being hosted means you don’t have to worry about site speed nor security of your membership site. However, for funnels, I would rather stick to the page builders I know.

At the lowest tier ($29/mo), Kyvio does not come with any affiliate software. You will need to upgrade to a higher tier ($69/mo) to have the Smart Affiliates module. Even then, at that price you can only have 1000 affiliates.

In comparison, if you plan to focus your growth on affiliate marketing, you might want to use WordPress instead. AffiliateWP and Restrict Content Pro or MemberPress and Affiliate Royale might be what you need instead.

Should you get Kyvio?

If you are on a budget and not willing to pay $97 per month, or if you would like to not be tied down to ClickFunnels’ Memberships Funnel but would rather have a proper Products module (note that physical and digital products are coming soon), then go for Kyvio.

Why you should not get Kyvio?

However, if you want something more polished and don’t mind handling the hosting, backups and security of your site, then perhaps you should not go for Kyvio. Rather, start with WordPress’ Restrict Content Pro and get some frontend customisation done to your theme and voilà! You will have a beautiful looking membership site.

Kyvio Review: The Conclusion

Kyvio is an interesting SaaS-based Sales Funnel software that has lots of potential. Though the Smart Funnels module is raw for now, the Membership Module works fine though not as matured as say, Restrict Content Pro or MemberPress.

I would definitely use my Kyvio license for either this site or some pet project of mine. Due to the lifetime AppSumo license, Kyvio is a worthwhile purchase. But even without the lifetime license, Kyvio’s affordable pricing means it is a practical software for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch a maintenance free site that focuses on conversion.


  1. DO NOT BUY. They are a scam, difficult to deal with, happy to take your money, not as happy to provide a service. Check out Invanto instead. Or literally anything else. Support a company that supports it’s customers.

    1. Hey Nick. Neil here. CEO of Kyvio. I would argue our customer support is one of the best in the industry. But keeen to see where we get wrong. Are you a customer? Can you give me some more feedback please? We are happy to improve where we can…but can’t do so if your “review” is lacking in useful information. Much appreciated.

    2. Question Nick? Have you used kyvio, or Invanto, or… anything else for that matter?
      Your comment sounds spammy.

      There was a person making outrageous claims about Invanto a while back, not saying it was you… but as example, those claims were so outrageous that even Invanto stepped in and told him he is talking BS (exaggerating Invanto, downplaying all other products [respect to Invanto for that too].

      He was some obsessed Invanto fan.

      Well, I have Invanto, I have Kyvio, and I have literally everything else in-between. Your comment really has no ground to stand on, as I can tell you Kyvio have refused to take peoples money (one such case was a person wanting to max out his credit card), kyvio have proven again and again to do the right thing, as has Invanto.

      Both product developers spend every waking minute of every day… striving to make their products the absolute best they can be. Their customers… are at the forefront of their minds 24/7.

      Your comments lead me to believe that you were a black sheep customer who had his hand in the cookie jar and got booted out. Because… FACT! not opinion, there is no way that what you say was a result of…
      1) being a paying customer
      2) having a genuine issue

      I’m happy to be proven wrong with facts, not opinions 😉

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