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Looking for the best AppSumo Black Friday deals for 2020? If that’s you, read on as we have the latest news on AppSumo’s Black Friday deals for this year. This page has been updated as AppSumo confirmed the final list of Black Friday Deals for 2020.

Before you continue, please sign up for the AppSumo Black Friday giveaway where Noah is giving away his fully loaded Tesla (looks like a Model 3). But that’s not it. AppSumo is also giving out other great goodies including an Oculus headset, $1k worth of free tacos for a year, a Trek mountain bike, Noah’s treadmill, an exclusive AppSumo swag t-shirt (for 10 lucky winners) and $100 of AppSumo credits (for 15 lucky winners)

Introduction to AppSumo Black Friday Deals

AppSumo has outdone itself again with some amazing deals on encore. We are genuinely excited as some are genuine game changers for businesses and digital agency owners. But if you are an end user, the deals will do you good too.

If you are short for time, here are our top three recommendations:

  • Depositphotos
  • Nifty Project Management Tool
  • MailPoet

However if you have more time, do scroll down and read our comments for each and every tool. We have more than half the tools on the current AppSumo Black Friday deal, and will buy one or two more to complement our existing digital marketing armory.

Our Coverage of Other Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for our other deals coverage, please find them below:

We also covered the following last year

Confirmed AppSumo Black Friday Deals for 2020

The official AppSumo Black Friday 2020 page is finally up. Here’s the final list of Black Friday Deals on AppSumo for 2020. Check them out below. We will segmentise the list into SaaS and WordPress deals, plus reserve special mention for Depositphotos, our trusted stock photos and videos provider.

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AppSumo Black Friday Special Mention Deal

Depositphotos – Royalty-free Stock Photos, Vector Images & Videos

With a library of 188 million files, buying some Depositphotos credits goes a long way if you are a blogger or content marketer. As an agency owner, Depositphotos have saved us during the times we needed high-quality images without the budget or time to hire a professional photographer.

Verdict: 8.5/10. We highly recommend stacking up on some Depositphotos credits, as they are a proven and effective way to get high quality photos at an affordable price.

AppSumo Black Friday Deals for SaaS Products

Oviond – Digital Marketing Data

Oviond allows you to track your digital marketing performance from one customizable and shareable dashboard. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for production use, as the number of integrations are limited and Google Data Studio looks impressive.

However, if you have the budget and see a future in Oviond, it might be worth the investment.

Verdict: 6/10. A dark horse and potential winner if Oviond matures.

Viral Loops – Viral & Referral Marketing Software

Viral Loops allows you to launch competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch and referral programs. Though I have not implemented Viral Loops yet for clients nor personal projects, having Viral Loops in my arsenal gives me the confidence knowing that we can launch contests easily. Viral Loops and Vyper are among the best Viral Marketing tools that offer or has offered a lifetime license.

Verdict: 6.5/10. We recommend grabbing a copy of Viral Loops to supplement your Digital Marketing Tools. Our only hesitation about Viral Loops, is the moderately low number of contestants. While stacking two codes gives you 25k participants, you won’t be able to handle nationwide campaign for large brands, but perhaps medium sized ones.

VideoPeel – Automated Collection of Video Testimonials

VideoPeel is a platform that allows you to automate the collection of video testimonials without the hassle. This makes VideoPeel appealing to brands looking to grow their user generated content via videos. Furthermore, with Google and Facebook focusing on video content, this can be potentially a winner.

Verdict: 8/10. No, we don’t have this in our digital marketing toolset yet, but we are definitely grabbing a copy. While Wishpond, a previous AppSumo deal allows the collection of video testimonials, there is a cap on the number of leads with Wishpond. With VideoPeel, as long as you stack three codes, you can use custom branding and custom URLs, making this a winner with digital marketing agencies.

Publer – Social Media Scheduler

Publer is a social media scheduler that lets you create, schedule and analyze your social media posts easily from the Publer dashboard. And while you can do so via WordPress itself, Publer allows you to collaborate with a team.

Publer has proven a hit among sumo-lings and is highly recommended by us if you do not have a social media scheduler yet.

Verdict: 7/10. We tried so hard to ignore Publer as we went all in with SocialBee, but we can’t ignore the masses. Publer is a winner due to the ease they allow you to schedule and your social media posts. Our only issue with the deal, is Publer is relatively new. Will Publer be able to sustain in the long run? If they can, this deal is a definite winner.

Quuu – High Quality Content Suggestions

Quuu helps you find content to share and delight your friends via their hand-curated content. This helps saves you time and effort, while allowing you to have a steady stream of quality content on your social media profiles. I personally bought the Quuu lifetime license a few years back on AppSumo and while the content was good, I found it better to personally curate content and build an audience based on the content I created.

Verdict: 4/10. Yes, you can have up to 6 content suggestions per day with Quuu. But nothing beats curating your own content.

Ideanote – Idea Management Platform

Ideanote allows you to easily collect, collaborate and act on ideas from your customers and employees. Personally, I find Ideanote’s layout to be beautiful and the ability to easily collect ideas as a potential winner. However, Ideanote is a new app and beyond collecting ideas, I can’t find a way to include Ideanote into Leokoo’ workflow. It is a no from us.

Verdict: 5.5/10. Beautiful interface that also allows simple kanban boards. Check. But other than organizing ideas, we can’t find a USP with Ideanote. We recommend skipping this for the other deals this year.

Nifty – Collaborative Workspace Project Management Tool

Nifty – Project management app that consolidates all phases of the project lifecycle into one powerful and intuitive tool. Having used a number of project management tools through the years from Trello,, ClickUp and Freedcamp, Nifty PM is a breath of fresh air. We shifted all our projects to Nifty. If you are in need of a powerful project management tool, grab Nifty when it returns during the upcoming Black Friday sale.

Verdict: 8.5/10. Nifty gets project management right. Even when compared to ClickUp, Nifty’s interface shines, making it easy to manage complex projects, project conversations and files. With an upcoming client portal, Nifty is only getting better. Grab this before the deal ends.

SuiteDash – All-in-one Business Software

SuiteDash replaces your need for a CRM, client portals, project management tool, time tracking, proposals and more. While we would recommend individual tools instead of an all-in-one tool, SuiteDash might suit your needs, especially if you don’t like switching between various apps and connecting them via Zapier or Integrately.

Verdict: 5/10. While SuiteDash suites certain businesses, we prefer tools that are great in one or two things, instead of doing a couple of things at the same time. We recommend skipping SuiteDash.

HappyScribe – Automatic Transcription Software and Subtitling tool

HappyScribe is an Automatic Transcription Software and Subtitling tool that is available for 119 languages and accents. While it isn’t that accurate for me and my Malaysian accent, it is proven to be effective to many other buyers. As Happy Scribe matures, you can expect the accuracy level to increase, making this an invaluable tool for YouTubers and content creators. As subtitles are a proven method to increase your video engagement rate, you will want a tool like Happy Scribe.

Verdict: 8/10. Videos are becoming more important as Facebook and Google are focusing more on it this 2020 and beyond. HappyScribe comes in an expensive niche. Try checking out other AI video transcription apps, and you’ll see that HappyScribe is a bargain. Grab this before Black Friday is over. You’ll definitely be able to put this to use.

Frase – AI Powered Content Research Tools

We like Frase, an AI-powered content research tools to allow you to easily find topics to create content for. While it is still quite basic, if it matures, it can provide a source of content ideas for content marketers and bloggers to focus on. With features such as question research from Google, Quora and other forums (HARO too), and an AI Research Assistant to recommend topics even as we write, Frase has the potential to be a winning tool in a content marketer’s toolbox.

Verdict: 7/10. Frase has the potential to be an invaluable too, especially with the Forum Analysis tool. While Frase is rough around the edges, if the tool matures, it might be your best investment for content creation. Furthermore, a full stack Frase account is only two codes. Recommended.

FreshLMS – Create & Sell Courses Online

FreshLMS is a hosted LMS / online learning platform that allows you to create and sell courses without worrying about security and hosting. If you are looking for a simple LMS solution, FreshLMS might be the right deal for you. However, if you need something more robust and have the budget for it, perhaps consider using LearnDash or TutorLMS with the Uncanny Automator plugin. Going down the WordPress path is a higher cost to you, but does not limit you to features as you can always hire a developer to build features in when your site grows.

Verdict: 5.5/10. We’re on the fence with FreshLMS. While it is a hosted platform, which cuts down ongoing server and security costs, FreshLMS has very limited integrations and features at the time of writing. In our opinion, if you would like to go down this path, why not get a better LMS solution and save your Black Friday funds for our recommended AppSumo deals? Pass.

AppSumo Black Friday Deals for WordPress Plugins

WP Reset – WordPress Tool to Easily Test and Restore Sites

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that allows you to store images of the site, make changes and restore the site easily. While some try using WP Reset Pro as a backup solution, we disagree. Rather, WP Reset Pro should be used as a tool for rapid testing and troubleshooting of WordPress sites, on top of your staging sites.

Imagine this, you need to find the culprit among close to a hundred active plugins on your site. While you can activate and deactivate the plugins in batches, this takes a lot of time. Why not just save the current state of the site, make your changes and then restore that state before starting again? And yes, we can do the same with a backup solution, but backup solutions are slower, as they need to send your data to your external storage or compress your site.

Verdict: 8/10. We highly recommend WP Reset due to the plugin’s ability to allow us to rapidly troubleshoot an issue with a site. Being in the WordPress Care Plan business, we handle dozens of sites, all requiring immediate response if something breaks. Also, as a WordPress-focused publication, we are given a number of plugins to review from plugin developers. WP Reset allows us to test these plugins and then restore the database, so that our database won’t be full of messy, unused tables.

MailPoet – Leading Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

MailPoet is the leading newsletter plugin for WordPress and has its own email delivery service. While the initial deal had critics complaining about the strict moderation, we are happy with MailPoet and regularly got abour 40 plus percent opening rates.

Read: MailPoet Review

Howver, MailPoet has another trick. If you have multiple sites, you can purchase the MailPoet AppSumo deal and use it as an email sending service (aka. SMTP service) for all your WordPress site’s transactional emails.

Furthermore, did you know that MailPoet’s agency tier, only gives you 1,000 subscribers per site for an unlimited number of sites. In comparison, with this deal, you get 5,000 subscribers per site, for an unlimited number of sites and it is stackable till 50k subscribers. That’s literally giving the house away, right?

Verdict: 8.5/10. We love MailPoet due to its deep integration with WordPress and it took us by surprise that MailPoet decided to come on AppSumo. With deep integration with WooCommerce and page builders such as Elementor and Divi, plus major optin forms such as Bloom, MailOptin, ConvertPro, Thrive Leads and OptinMonster, MailPoet is our recommended plugin for WordPress users. Furthermore, with MailPoet’s impressive delivery rates, stacking up on MailPoet will ensure that you’ll be able to nurture a readership.

We went all in on MailPoet and stacked 10x, for 50,000 subscribers for life. Not only that, we stacked a couple more for use with clients as we love this deal very much. Do grab your codes before the deal ends.

If-So Dynamic Content – WordPress Personalization Plugin

If-So is a WordPress plugin that allows dynamic content to be delivered on the site based on your visitor’s search terms, language, geolocations and more. While we initially didn’t see the value of If-So, on hindsight, this plugin has potential. If they are able to integrate with WP Fusion, Fluent CRM and the Uncanny Automator plugin, we will have a powerhouse that goes beyond just serving dynamic banners, but a WordPress site that appears intelligent.

Nonetheless, with competitors like Growmatik, Logic Hop and Unless costing a pretty penny, we recommend grabbing a couple of If-So licenses for your current and future WordPress sites.

Verdict: 6.5/10. With personalisation being on the forefront of conversion rate optimisation, If-So is a product with potential. Nonetheless, while we like the product, it is still raw and could improve. We recommend buying If-So if you have extra funds left for your Black Friday deals.

Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2020: Recommendations

We divide our recommendations to the three sections above. First up is the special mention category, which sees Depositphoto return to AppSumo again. We do not know how AppSumo does it, but Depositphotos’ deal has been a godsend to web design and development agencies like ours. But if you are into print ads, content marketing, a blogger or a social media influencer, photos paint a thousand words. And Depositphotos will allow you to craft beautiful messages and images.

While we are not short of project management tools on AppSumo, Nifty effectively trounced our previous favorites, Ora and ClickUp. While Ora is a no-nonsense project management tool, ClickUp delivered innovative project management capabilities, Nifty’s collaborative hub is a winner for us.

Finally, we don’t want to wax more lyrical about MailPoet, but we just can’t help ourselves. As one of the most valuable tools in our WordPress arsenal, MailPoet solves a few issues we faced before the deal, namely newsletters, transactional emails and covering these for clients.

Last but not least, we have created a thread to discuss about this year’s AppSumo Black Friday Deals. Do join us in our Facebook Group for the discussion and first scoop on exclusive deals that we are working on.

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