Best Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2020

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The Black Friday Cyber Monday sale period is almost over by tonight. Though it is a pandemic season, Black Friday is still one of the best time to grab yourself a WordPress plugin, theme or bundle that you have waited so long for. In this year’s Black Friday Cyber Monday round up, we have more than 300 deals in our list but are recommending our top 10. Please read on as you don’t want to miss any of these if you are a WordPress user or even better, a digital agency owner.

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Best Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals

Before starting, if you are on a tight budget, grab the first four deals as these will be gone for good, especially the GridPane deal. It is hard to say, but we reckon that Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP might be offered on lifetime again if the circumstances are right. If you have a bit more budget, do consider the BuddyBoss lifetime deal as well.

Otherwise, if budget isn’t a concern, consider grabbing all 10 before the timer runs out.

Here are our top WordPress plugin deals recommended for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020.

1) Easy Digital Downloads Lifetime All Access Pass

easy digital downloads lifetime all access pass is back on lifetime for black friday cyber monday 2020

Easy Digital Downloads Lifetime All Access Pass is easily the best WordPress deal for Black Friday Cyber Monday. It is almost never offered on the Lifetime All Access Pass, hence the reason why we encourage you to grab the lifetime license before the deal ends.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD for short) goes beyond just managing digital licenses for plugins and themes. If you are selling any digital product (e.g: memberships, online courses, website maintenance, event tickets, jobs, consultation house and ads, among others), EDD is a perfect for the job.

A black and white logo with the words'the definitive guide to wordpress hosting tools'.

Ending Date: December 4th 2020
Coupon Code: Sale2020
Discount: 20%

2) AffiliateWP Ultimate License (Lifetime)

affiliatewp is back on lifetime only for black friday cyber monday 2020

If you run an online store or a digital agency specializing in delivering WordPress sites, you don’t want to miss out on AffiliateWP’s lifetime license. Aptly called the AffiliateWP Ultimate License, AffiliteWP is by far the best affiliate marketing solution for WordPress. Paired up with Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce, and you will be able to grow your business via incentivising bloggers and YouTubers.

But AffiliateWP isn’t just restricted to online stores, they work well with leading membership plugins, learning management systems, forms and even invoicing plugins. AffiliateWP comes with a powerful set of Pro add-ons, which is complemented by the 3rd party add-ons. You get stuff like REST API, Signup Referrals, Lifetime Commissions (my favourite!) and Recurring Referrals (my other favourite!), which other affiliate plugins do not have.

This enables you to setup stores, membership sites or learning management systems with an unbeatable affiliate system. In this pandemic season, people are struggling to find a second source of income. By sharing some profits with them, they will be inclined to promote your products to friends and family, helping grow your brand while letting you help the community at the same time.

The AffiliateWP Ultimate License was discontinued a couple of months back, and is only back for this Black Friday Cyber Monday period.

Ending Date: December 4th 2020
Coupon Code: Sale2020
Discount: 20%

3) GridPane Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Deal

No, there’s no lifetime deal nor coupon codes for GridPane, but only a deal to keep you on GridPane’s current developer annual price, which is going up after Cyber Monday. But why GridPane when there are so many other managed hosting panels ?

While the other managed hosting panels are good, they are not exclusively focused on WordPress. This means, with GridPane, you can be assured of having the best managed hosting panel for WordPress at the point of writing.

GridPane has progressed to much since we got onboard their Developer Lifetime License last year. While it wasn’t cheap (I literally had to borrow my mom’s credit card as I was broke), GridPane allowed us to offer advanced managed VPS hosting for our clients that we have built sites for. With cutting-edge features and live chat, GridPane helped us differentiate ourselves and grow our modest WordPress Care Plan business.

Some things we like about GridPane include

  • 6G / 7G or Modsec Security
  • Optimized Nginx Only Stack
  • Elasticsearch auto-config
  • Reliable staging sites
  • Upcoming UpCloud integration
  • Upcoming Open Litespeed Servers

But most of all, we love GridPane because it is an honest company that wants to fulfil its promises of helping agencies serve cutting edge WordPress hosting. And by far, they’ve done, many times at great cost to their time and money.

Building a managed control panel is hard. Building the best WordPress managed control panel, is freaking Goliath-like work, that deserves applaud.

GridPane’s unlimited servers and sites Developer Annual will be gone for good. While it is no longer offered on lifetime, we recommend that you grab yourself a license before a pricier plan comes in place on Tuesday.

4) FluentCRM Lifetime License

If you run an online store, a business, membership portal or a blog, a CRM system helps turn customers into leads.  It helps you keep track of your customers and readers, their details and previous purchases.

And with WordPress-based CRM, you get the benefits of creating funnels, marketing automations, contact management, reporting and deep integration with plugins, all within the familiar confines of WordPress and without going through the loops of API, webhooks and Zapier.

But WordPress-based CRM systems are expensive, and frankly, only two stood out for us, Jetpack CRM and Groundhogg. Both beyond our fledging budget.

Hence, when WPManageNinja launched the initial FluentCRM deal with a lifetime license, we were smitten. With Jewel and team behind it, FluentCRM has the potential to be the best CRM system for WordPress. And like Ninja Tables and Fluent Forms, we have seen rapid development work being done for FluentCRM.

While FluentCRM is more of an email automation tool than a CRM system right now, it is progressing well and will eventually mature.

If you missed out on the initial FluentCRM launch, you can still grab yourself the lifetime license. Sure, the price has increased, but if you grab the 50 site license, it would only cost you $26/site for a lifetime license. That’s really affordable and monetizable, especially if you run an agency or multiple sites.

5) WPManageNinja Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount

WPManageNinja Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020

It’s been a year plus since we got to know WPManageNinja, and their products are still some of the best in the market. Fluent Forms and Ninja Tables are our go-to forms and tables plugins, even though we have lifetime licenses for costlier solutions like WPForms, Formidable Pro and wpDataTables.

Both these plugins, together with WPManageNinja’s other offerings, AzonPress and WPPayForms, are built with highest engineering practices in mind. This means the plugins are really fast and extendable if WPManageNinja wants to add new features.

During this Black Friday Cyber Monday deal period, you can grab these valuable licenses at a massive 40% discount, saving you some money while adding precious arsenals to your toolbox.

As usual, we recommend grabbing the lifetime unlimited licenses deals as WPManageNinja might just discontinue selling them. But honestly, most of our friends who got in on WPManageNinja’s products, thanked us for our recommendations.

6) WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime

wpdeveloper black friday cyber monday agency bundle lifetime 2020

One of the best bundles for WordPress, the WPDeveloper Agency Lifetime Bundle is going at a massive $200 discount this Black Friday. If you plan to get individual plugins, they are available at a 40% discount

Why you should get WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime?

If you are on the fence, here’s my thoughts on some of the plugins and theme in the bundle:

  • Essential Addons for Elementor – One of my go-to Elementor Addons. It is reliable and updated regularly. With 800k+ installs for the free version, Essential Addons is battle tested has been steady for me. Though I have a bunch of Elementor Addons, I usually use Essential Addons together with Crocoblock’s JetPlugins
  • NotificationX – When I first met Asif in person, he told me of his vision of a notification plugin that goes beyond just FOMO and is not limited by arbitary limits most FOMO apps has. NotificationX comes with a bunch of integrations to help push your visitors to the bottom of your funnel. I tend to install it for clients who run their own online store or Learning Management System like Tutor LMS or LearnDash
  • BetterDocs – BetterDocs is one of the best knowledge base plugins for WordPress. It’s floating widget is a killer feature, imho. We use it with clients, and it replaces the KB that comes built-in with the theme or the accordion like knowledgebase
  • EmbedPress – If you have been embedding your Facebookor Instagram posts, you risk the embeds breaking. Not so with EmbedPress, an interesting plugin that lets you embed 75+ different sources to your WordPress posts and pages. With Full Site Editing coming soon to WordPress, EmbedPress will only be more useful in the near future
  • ReviewX – I was pleasantly surprised to find ReviewX as part of the WPDeveloper bundle. It upgrades the native WooCommerce review system with multiple criteria reviews, adds structured data for better SEO results and even allow customers to upload photos and videos.

Agency Bundle 1 year – ($100 discount) = Coupon code BFCM100
Agency Bundle Lifetime – ($200 discount) = Coupon code BFCM200
40% flat discount on all products of WPDeveloper = Coupon code 40BFCM

Closing Date: 1/12/2020

7) BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal

BuddyBoss Black Friday Cyber Monday Lifetime Deal 2020

BuddyBoss is back for another lifetime deal and like the last time, the prices has increased. But why should you consider BuddyBoss and what will be the perfect use cases?

I skipped the initial BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal as I was financially strapped. But when BuddyBoss returned with a second lifetime deal, I decided to grab the 10 sites lifetime license as this allows us to build online communities using the best that WordPress has. And this includes integrating a learning management system, online store, events calendar with ticketing solution and more.

Even better, the BuddyBoss App will be officially launched in January 2021 and provides an affordable way for you to make your community mobile. The BuddyBoss App will allow mobile app-only features such as push notifications, tablet support and even haptic and taptic feedback. Oh, and you get instant messaging too (!).

BuddyBoss features an increasing number of integrations with leading WordPress plugins, increasing its value and the value of the plugin that you have just integrated.

BuddyBoss helps you launch affordable online communities, while integrating memberships and courses easily. Personally, I’m already putting my BuddyBoss lifetime license to use. As the pandemic rages and my church was looking for a way to strengthen the relationships between our business people, we settled on BuddyBoss after taking a look at a number of WordPress Membership and Social Networking plugins.

The BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal will end by tomorrow. Will it be offered again? It’s hard to say, but if it were ever to come back, the prices will go up again. If you are interested but tight on cash, grab the BuddyBoss license using their payments plan.

8) Directorist Black Friday Deal

directorist black friday cyber monday sale 2020

If you ever had to develop a directory site, you would know that it can be a hassle. You can either do one of the three.

1) Buy a directory theme off ThemeForest

This is an easy way to get started but long term, you might be frustrated with the limitations. Your content tends to be locked down under the themes’ custom post type and a bunch of shortcodes from the bad page builder. Furthermore, you can’t easily add features your site as the theme usually doesn’t have proper WordPress hooks and filters. We don’t recommend this until you like a life of machismo.

2) Use a custom post type plugin like Toolset or JetEngine

Before knowing Directorist, I found this to be the ideal solution as it allowed us to create sortable custom post types, custom taxonomies and custom fields, and then style them with Toolset’s Gutenberg blocks.

However, we had to include a combination of non-related premium plugins to achieve the features that the client wanted. Compared to Directorist, there was no easy way to monetize the site, collect reviews, have a live chat for listing owners nor easily integrate a booking solution. We don’t recommend this solution either.

3) Use a directory plugin like Directorist

When Sazzadul approached me with Directorist, I was amazed. Directorist was everything we were looking for in a WordPress directory plugin and more.

It has a powerful, extensible plugin that is being rapidly developed by the AazzTech team and is fully compatible with Elementor. Further page builder integration are coming soon.

This means, you can build a beautiful site and landing pages with Elementor, while letting Directorist handle the heavy lifting behind the scenes..

Some *killer* features of Directorist include

  • Live chat – site visitors can chat directly with listing owners
  • Rank featured listings
  • Monetize your listings via charging if your listing owners would like more images
  • Reservation & Appointments – a must have if your listing includes people like salon owners, hair stylists or lawyers
  • Review management – User Generated reviews will help boost your listing owners’ reputation. Best thing is, you can moderate the reviews from the backend to give your listing owners the best prospects

But Directorist isn’t perfect. Here’s what we hope to see

  • WPML integration – As the leading multilingual plugin, having WPML integration will be a killer
  • Beaver Builder / Oxygen support – While we like Elementor, it can sometimes be unstable. Having the addition of Beaver Builder and Oxygen support would be great

Directorist comes with tons of hooks and filters for the hardcore developers among you, who want or need to customise the directory further. Or to wow your clients.

What Other Reasons to Buy Directorist?

  • Directorist has a lifetime agency tier (!) – yep, even its closest competitor, BusinessDirectory plugin runs on yearly renewals
  • Directorist is being actively worked on. Just take a look at their roadmap. It’s ambitious and will make Directorist even better.
  • 60% OFF – Yes, for this Black Friday Cyber Monday period, you can get Directorist at a very generous $319 for unlimited sites and all future premium extensions and themes. I can certainly think of some side projects to work on (and hopefully monetize) with Directorist

9) Gridbuilder Black Friday Ultimate License

Gridbuilder is a powerful, blazingly fast, advanced grid layout builder with real-time faceted search, which has been raved about for months but without a lifetime tier. This changed a few days ago. Coupled with Gridbuilder’s Black Friday Cyber Monday promo deal of 40% OFF, you get a powerful tool for up to 100 sites.

But who is Gridbuilder for and why pay for such an expensive plugin?

While you can run your site without Gridbuilder, helping your visitors filter through your content quickly will help their experience with your site. Personally, I’m looking to apply Gridbuilder to the Leokoo site and a University portal. As we have a lot of content on these sites, letting our site visitors to select the content they want makes more sense than asking them to just use the search bar.

Gridbuilder is a fairly new plugin but sees constant updates from the developer. As such, you can be sure that new features will be added over time. 

Gridbuilder has a robust developer API that lets you extend this plugin and deeply customize your website.

10) WP Sheet Editor All Access Plan

Our final recommendation for the best Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals of 2020 is WP Sheet Editor. This is one plugin that I have been eyeing for awhile as it can be used in various settings including quick edits for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores, custom post types, WPML translations and more. I’m still new to the plugin but I’m excited over its possibilities.

As someone who runs a small WordPress development agency, we handle a range of clients with different needs. Editing their content fast helps as some of these clients have complex plugins setup.

While I have been using Admin Columns Pro for most of my clients, when it comes to doing quick edits of custom post types and custom taxonomy, it sometimes fails. Perhaps it is Nginx or some plugin conflict, but there is no set patterns and we have been looking for a solution for some time.

WP Sheet Editor has worked flawlessly and it’ll be implemented for clients moving forward. But it’ll also be used for Leokoo as we have a couple of custom post types running too.

WP Sheet Editor is at its lowest price during this Black Friday Cyber Monday period. If you are on a budget, request for split payments.

NameTypeLifetime License?BrandDiscountCoupon CodeStart DateEnd DateURL
AAWP - Amazon Affiliates WordPress PluginAmazon AffiliatesNfdmedia30.00%BLACKWEEK2011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
ACF BlocksGutenberg AddonNCakeWP50.00%Auto-Applied11/10/202011/30/2020More Details
Admin Columns ProAdministrativeNCodepress35.00%Auto-Applied11/25/202012/2/2020More Details
AdSanityAd ManagementYPixel Jar40.00%CYBERSANITY4011/27/202012/4/2020More Details
Advanced CouponsWooCommerce AddonNRymera Web60.00%BF202011/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Advanced Custom FieldsCustom Fields & Post TypesNACF30.00%blackfriday202011/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Advanced Database CleanerDatabase CleanerYSigmaPlugin15.00%BF202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Affiliate CouponsCouponsN-30.00%BLACKWEEK202011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
AffiliateWPAffiliate SoftwareNSandhills Development25.00%SALE202011/27/202012/4/2020More Details
AliDropshipAffiliate MarketingY-40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/29/2020More Details
All in One SEO Pack ProSEONAwesome MotiveTBAAuto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Amalinks ProAmazon AffiliatesY-50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/1More Details
AmeliaAppointments & BookingsYTMS30.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202012/7/2020More Details
AppPresserMobile App CreatorNAppPresser20.00%20OFF202011/12/202011/30/2020More Details
AppseroSoftware LicensingNwedevs60.00%Auto-Applied11/25/202012/2/2020More Details
Astra Agency BundleBundleYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Astra ThemeThemeYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
AutomatorWPAutomationNGamiPress40.00%BFCM202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
AWP Classifieds PluginClassifiedsNStrategy1130.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
AWS S3 PluginMedia OffloadNUpcasted20.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
AzonPressAmazon AffiliatesYWP Manage Ninja40.00% BFCM-LTD202011/16/202011/30/2020More Details
Barn2 PluginsCollectionYBarn230.00%BF202011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Beaver BuilderPage BuilderNBeaver Builder25.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
BetterDocsKnowledge Base & WikiYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Blocksy ProThemeYCreative Themes50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Blog Designer Pack ProGutenberg AddonY-20.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
BlogBing FeedyFeedback ManagementYBlogBingTBAAuto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
BlogBing KeywordsKeyword ResearchYBlogBingTBAAuto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
BlogBing MentionsKeywords MonitoringYBlogBingTBAAuto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
BlogVaultBackup & StagingNBlogVault30.00%30OFFBF202011/27/202012/3/2020More Details
BloomOptin Forms & Lead GenerationYElegant Themes25.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/29/2020More Details
Brizy ProPage BuilderYBrizy30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
BuddyBossCommunity & ForumsNBoss Media30.00%Auto-Applied11/25/2020TBAMore Details
Build WooFunnelsWooCommerce Conversion FocusedN-30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Business Directory PluginListings & DirectoryNStrategy1130.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Cart LiftWooCommerce AddonYRexTheme60.00%REXBF4011/15/202012/2/2020More Details
CartFlows ProWooCommerce Conversion FocusedNCartFlows30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
CartFlows Pro LifetimeWooCommerce Conversion FocusedYCartFlows30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Clearfy ProCache & PerformanceYwebcratic40.00%blackfriday202011/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Click Ranger ProGoogle AnalyticsYPixel Jar40.00%CYBERPRO4011/27/202012/4/2020More Details
CobaltAppsBundleYCobaltApps35.00%BLACKFRIDAY3511/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode ProMaintenance PageYAppSumo DealAppSumoAuto-Applied11/1/202012/1/2020More Details
Conditional Checkout FieldsWooCommerce AddonNAmplify Plugins50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/13/2020More Details
Content Aware SidebarsSidebarsNdev Institute30.00%BFCM2011/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Content NotifyRSS FeedNFuel Ltd50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Convert ProOptin Forms & Lead GenerationYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
CrocoblockElementor AddonY-40.00%CrocoBF202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
CSS HeroCSS EditorY-70.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
DirectoristListings & DirectoryY-60.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/5/2020More Details
DiviPage BuilderYElegant Themes25.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/29/2020More Details
DiviMonkDivi - Template LibraryY-50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/6/2020More Details
DiviSumoDivi ToolkitNCakeWP50.00%Auto-Applied11/10/202011/30/2020More Details
DiviWPDivi - Template LibraryY-30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/25/202012/2/2020More Details
DocketWPCloud ChecklistsN-35.00%TABFTW11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
DokanWooCommerce MarketplaceYwedevs60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
Dynamic Content for ElementorElementor AddonYOvation30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Easy Digital DownloadsEcommerceNSandhills Development25.00%SALE202011/27/202012/4/2020More Details
Easy Pricing TablesPricing TablesNFatcat Apps20.00%BF202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
Elegant MarketplaceSoftware MarketplaceY-30.00%CYBER11/13/202012/1/2020More Details
Elegant ThemesBundleYElegant Themes25.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/29/2020More Details
ElementorPage BuilderN-25.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/2/2020More Details
ElementsKitElementor AddonYAppSumo DealAppSumoAuto-Applied11/1/202012/1/2020More Details
EmbedPressUtility PluginYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Envira GalleryImage & Video GalleryNImagely x Envira34.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/4/2020More Details
Essential Addons for ElementorElementor AddonYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Etoile Web Design PluginsBundleN-30.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/29/2020More Details
Event EspressoEvents Ticketing & CalendarNEvent Espresso50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Everest FormsFormsYWPEverest25.00%BFCM202011/24/202011/27/2020More Details
ExactMetricsSEONAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Extras for ElementorElementor AddonYNamogo45.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Fatcat AppsBundleNFatcat Apps20.00%BF202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
Feeds for YouTubeSocial Media FeedNSmash Balloon70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
FireupWPServer Control PanelYwpclouddeploy$1,995Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Five Star PluginsBundleY-30.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Flexia ProThemeYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Flexible Shipping ProWooCommerce ExtensionNWPDesk30.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Fluent Forms ProFormsYWP Manage Ninja40.00% BFCM-LTD202011/16/202011/30/2020More Details
FluentCRM ProCRMNWP Manage Ninja40.00% BFCM-LTD202011/16/202011/30/2020More Details
FlycartCollection - WooCommerceN-30.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202012/4/2020More Details
FooBar ProNotification BarNFooPlugins25.00%FooBF2511/20/202011/30/2020More Details
FooBox ProLightboxNFooPlugins25.00%FooBF2511/20/202011/30/2020More Details
FooEventsEvents Ticketing & CalendarNFooEvents50.00%BF2011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
FooGallery ProImage & Video GalleryNFooPlugins25.00%FooBF2511/20/202011/30/2020More Details
FooSalesPOS SystemNFooEvents50.00%BF2011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Formidable FormsFormsNStrategy1130.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Full Screen Background ImagesUtility PluginNAmplify Plugins50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/13/2020More Details
GamiPressAutomationNGamiPress40.00%BFCM202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
GeneratePressThemeYTom Usborne45.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
Genesis ProThemeNStudioPress30.00%SP3FREE11/23/202012/4/2020More Details
GeoDirectoryListings & DirectoryYAyeCode35.00%BF202011/26/202012/3/2020More Details
GiveWPDonationNGiveWP50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/1/2020More Details
Google Maps WidgetGoogle MapsYWebFactory30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/5/2020More Details
Gravity FormsFormsNRocketgenius50.00%Auto-Applied11/25/202012/1/2020More Details
Gravity HopperGravity Forms AddonN-50.00%BLACKBIRD202011/11/202011/30/2020More Details
Gravity WizGravity Forms AddonNGravity Wiz50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
GravityViewGravity Forms AddonNKatz Web Services30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Greta ThemesThemes ShopYWP Meta Box50.00%BF202011/24/202012/4/2020More Details
Gridbuilder WPGrid Layout & Faceted SearchYGridbuilder40.00%BFCM4011/24/202012/1/2020More Details
GridPaneServer Control PanelNGridPane20.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
GroundhoggMarketing AutomationNGroundhogg25.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/26/2020More Details
GroundhoggMarketing AutomationNGroundhogg20.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/28/2020More Details
GroundhoggMarketing AutomationNGroundhogg15.00%Auto-Applied11/29/202011/30/2020More Details
GS PluginsCollectionNGS Plugins40.00%BF202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Gutenberg Post BlocksGutenberg AddonYWPXPO50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
Gutenberg ProGutenberg AddonYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
Gutener ThemeThemeYKeonThemes30.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Happy Addons for ElementorElementor AddonYwedevs50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
Helpie KBKnowledge Base & WikiNHelpie WP25.00%Auto-Applied11/25/202012/5/2020More Details
IcebergMark Down EditorYJeffrey Carandang20.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
IcegramOptin Forms & Lead GenerationYStoreApps35.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/2/2020More Details
iconicWPBundle - WooCommerceNIconic30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
If-SoConversion OptimisationYAppSumo DealAppSumoAuto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
ImagelyImage & Video GalleryNImagely x Envira40.00%BF4011/23/202012/4/2020More Details
Instagram GallerySocial Media FeedYQuadLayers50.00%QUADBF202011/25/202011/29/2020More Details
Internal Link JuicerSEO - Link BuilderY-30.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
iThemesBundleNiThemes40.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
iThemes SecurityWebsite SecurityNiThemes40.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
JetpackBackup & SecurityNAutomattic40.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202011/30/2020More Details
KadenceBundleYKadence35.00%Auto-Applied11/16/202011/30/2020More Details
KeyPress UI ManagerUtility PluginYKeyPress Media30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Landing Page CatLanding Page BuilderNFatcat Apps20.00%BF202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
LearnDash Black FridayLearning Management SystemNLearnDash50.00%BF202011/27/202011/27/2020More Details
LearnDash Cyber MondayLearning Management SystemNLearnDash50.00%CM202011/30/202011/30/2020More Details
LifterLMSLearning Management SystemN-20.00%BLACKFRIDAY2011/1/202011/30/2020More Details
LinkWhisperSEO - Link BuilderN-$25 OFFblackfriday11/27/202012/2/2020More Details
LiveCanvasPage BuilderY-50.00%BFCM202011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
MailOptinOptin Forms & Lead GenerationYProper Fraction40.00%BFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
MailPoetOptin Forms & Lead GenerationYAppSumo DealAppSumoAuto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
MalCareWebsite SecurityNBlogVault30.00%30OFFBF202011/27/202012/3/2020More Details
Master Addons for ElementorElementor AddonY-50.00%BLACKFRIDAY5011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Media Library OrganizerMedia LibraryY-40.00%BF202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
MemberPressMembershipNCaseproofUp to $250 OFFBF202011/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Meta BoxCustom Fields & Post TypesYWP Meta Box50.00%BF202011/24/202012/4/2020More Details
MetFormFormsYWPMet60.00%BFCM202011/26/202012/2/2020More Details
MH ThemesThemes ShopYfdmedia30.00%BLACKWEEK202011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Mission CtrlDashboard x GutenbergYMission Ctrl40.00%poststatus202011/26/202011/30/2020More Details
MonarchSocial Sharing ButtonsYElegant Themes25.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/29/2020More Details
MonsterContractsContractsNBrilliant Web Works20.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/26/202011/28/2020More Details
MonsterInsightsGoogle AnalyticsNAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
MotoPressBundleYMotoPress40.00%Auto-Applied11/22/202012/4/2020More Details
MyCredBundleNWPExperts30.00%BFCM3011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
MyThemeShopBundleNMyThemeShop40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/3/2020More Details
New User ApproveUser ApprovalsY-40.00%BFCM4011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Newsletter GlueNewslettersNNewsletter Glue25.00%Auto-Applied11/24/20201/28/2021More Details
Nextend Social LoginSocial LoginYNextend40.00%SAVE402011/26/202012/1/2020More Details
Ninja FormsFormsYWP Ninjas30.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/1/2020More Details
Ninja Tables ProTablesYWP Manage Ninja40.00% BFCM-LTD202011/16/202011/30/2020More Details
NotificationXSocial ProofYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
NovashareSocial Sharing ButtonsNForgeMedia30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/16/202012/1/2020More Details
OceanWPThemeNOceanWP40.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
optimizeformWooCommerce CollectionN-65.00%Auto-Applied11/19/202012/7/2020More Details
Optin CatOptin Forms & Lead GenerationNFatcat Apps20.00%BF202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
OptinlyOptin Forms & Lead GenerationN-30.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202012/4/2020More Details
OptinMonsterOptin Forms & Lead GenerationNAwesome Motive60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Page Builder FrameworkThemeYPage Builder Framework30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Page Generator ProPage GeneratorYWPZinc40.00%BF202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
PageBuilder ProPage BuilderYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
Paid Member SubscriptionsMembershipNCozmoslabs25.00%BFCM202011/27/202012/1/2020More Details
Paid Memberships ProMembershipNStranger Studios33.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/2/2020More Details
Password Policies ManagerWebsite SecurityNWP White Security40.00%BF20204011/25/202012/2/2020More Details
Payment PagePaymentsYGaucho Plugins60.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
perfmattersCache & PerformanceNForgeMedia30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/16/202012/1/2020More Details
Permalink Manager ProUtility PluginYBismit Maciej Bis25.00%BLACKF2011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Pixel CatFacebook PixelsNFatcat Apps20.00%BF202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
PootlePressCollectionYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
PowerPack for Beaver BuilderBeaver AddonYIdeabox Creations50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/6/2020More Details
PowerPack for ElementorElementor AddonYIdeabox Creations50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/6/2020More Details
Pretty Link ProAffiliate Links ManagerNCaseproofUp to $70 OFFBF202011/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Prime SliderSlider for ElementorY-70.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Profile Builder ProUser Registration & LoginNCozmoslabs25.00%BFCM202011/27/202012/1/2020More Details
ProfilePressUser Registration & LoginY-40.00%BFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Project HuddleClient FeedbackY-30.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/4/2020More Details
Project PanoramaProject ManagementY-50.00%Auto-Applied11/21/202012/1/2020More Details
PutlerAnalytics & InsightsNStoreApps25.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/2/2020More Details
QuadLayersBundleYQuadLayers50.00%QUADBF202011/25/202011/29/2020More Details
Qubely ProGutenberg AddonYAppSumo DealAppSumoAuto-Applied11/1/202012/1/2020More Details
Quick CheckoutWooCommerce AddonNAmplify Plugins50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/13/2020More Details
Quiz CatQuiz PluginNFatcat Apps20.00%BF202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
RafflePressGiveawaysYAwesome Motive30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Recipe Card Blocks ProSEO - Structured DataNWPZOOM30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/2/2020More Details
Restrict Content ProMembershipYiThemes30.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
RetainfulAbandoned Cart RecoveryN-30.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202012/4/2020More Details
ReviewXWooCommerce ReviewsYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Schema ProSEO - SchemaYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Security Ninja ProWebsite SecurityYWeb Factory50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/1/2020More Details
SeedProdMaintenance PageNAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
SEO BoosterSEOYcleverplugins50.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
SEOPressSEO - GeneralNSEOPress30.00%Auto-Applied11/25/202012/2/2020More Details
ShapedPluginBundleY-30.00%BF202011/25/202012/3/2020More Details
Simple Author BoxAuthor BoxNWeb Factory30.00%bf202011/23/202012/6/2020More Details
Sliced InvoicesInvoicingN-30.00%CYBERNOVEMBER11/1/202011/30/2020More Details
SlickMenuMenu EnhancementY-40.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Smart Slider 3SliderYNextend40.00%SAVE402011/26/202012/1/2020More Details
Smash Balloon Facebook Feed ProSocial Media FeedNAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Smash Balloon Instagram Feed ProSocial Media FeedNAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Smash Balloon Twitter Feeds ProSocial Media FeedNAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Social BoosterSocial PostingYRexTheme60.00%REXBF4011/15/202012/2/2020More Details
Social Rocket ProSocial Sharing ButtonsN-30.00%BFCM202011/1/202011/30/2020More Details
Social SnapSocial Sharing ButtonsN-50.00%BFCM11/20/202012/4/2020More Details
SpinupWPServer Control PanelNDelicious Brains75.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Spotlight ProSocial Media FeedNRebelCode20.00%BF2011/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Sprout InvoicesInvoicingNWeb Ventures55.00%CYBER11/1/202012/1/2020More Details
Stackable PremiumGutenberg AddonYGambit50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
StoreAppsBundle - WooCommerceYStoreApps30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/2/2020More Details
Storefront BlocksGutenberg AddonYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
Storefront ProStorefront ExtensionYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
Sugar CalendarEvents Ticketing & CalendarYSandhills Development25.00%SALE202011/27/202012/4/2020More Details
Swift Control ProUtility PluginYPage Builder Framework30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Template MonsterTheme MarketplaceN-70.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202012/2/2020More Details
TermageddonTerms & ConditionsN-80.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/6/2020More Details
The Events CalendarEvents Ticketing & CalendarN-40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
The Landing Factory Elementor TemplatesTemplate Library - ElementorYThe Landing Factory30.00%BF202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
The Landing Factory Elementor TemplatesTemplate Library - Thrive ArchitectYThe Landing Factory30.00%BF202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
The Newsletter PluginNewslettersNWeb Agile50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
The Plus Addons for ElementorElementor AddonYPOSIMYTH Team30.00%THANKYOU11/24/202012/4/2020More Details
Theia Post SliderSliderN-50.00%Auto-Applied11/10/202012/2/2020More Details
ThemeumCollectionYThemeum90.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
ThirstyAffiliatesAffiliate Links ManagerNCaseproof30.00%BF202011/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Tiktok FeedSocial Media FeedYQuadLayers50.00%QUADBF202011/25/202011/29/2020More Details
TotalPollPollsNTotalSuite50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/3/2020More Details
TranslatePressMultilingualNCozmoslabs25.00%BFCM202011/27/202012/1/2020More Details
TripettoFormsY-50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/4/2020More Details
Tutor LMSLearning Management SystemYThemeum50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
Tyche SoftwaresBundle - WooCommerceYTyche Softwares60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
TypeKCache & PerformanceYWPTypek60.00%martech-single11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
Ultimate Addons for Beaver BuilderBeaver AddonYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Ultimate Addons for ElementorElementor AddonYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
Ultimate Dashboard ProAdministrativeYPage Builder Framework30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
UltimeterProgress BarY-30.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Uncanny AutomatorAutomationNUncanny Owl35.00%UABF202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Uncanny OwlLearnDash ExtensionsNUncanny Owl75.00%ALLACCESSBF11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
Under Construction Page ProMaintenance PageYWeb Factory50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/6/2020More Details
Unlimited Elements for ElementorElementor AddonN-50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
User RegistrationUser Registration & LoginYWPEverest25.00%BFCM202011/24/202011/27/2020More Details
UsersWPUser ProfilesYAyeCode35.00%BF202011/26/202012/3/2020More Details
VirusdieWebsite SecurityY-$49Auto-Applied11/25/202012/2/2020More Details
Visual ComposerPage BuilderNVisual Composer40.00%BLACKFRIDAY202011/26/202011/28/2020More Details
Visual ComposerPage BuilderNVisual Composer40.00%CYBERMONDAY202011/29/202012/1/2020More Details
Wallace InlinePage Builder AddonYWallace Inline30.00%BLACKFRIDAY202011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WC VendorsWooCommerce MarketplaceY-30.00%Blackfriday202011/25/202012/1/2020More Details
Webba BookingAppointments & BookingsY-50.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
weFormsFormsYBoldGrid35.00%CYBER202011/26/202012/1/2020More Details
weMailEmail MarketingNwedevs60.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/7/2020More Details
wePOSWooCommerce Point of SaleNwedevs50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
Whatsapp ChatWhatsappYQuadLayers50.00%QUADBF202011/25/202011/29/2020More Details
Wholesale SuiteWooCommerce AddonNRymera Web60.00%BF202011/23/202012/1/2020More Details
Winterlock Activity LogActivity LogN-50.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
WisdmLabsCollection - WooCommerceY-70.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
WooBuilder BlocksGutenberg AddonYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
WooCommerce Checkout ManagerWooCommerce ExtensionYQuadLayers50.00%QUADBF202011/25/202011/29/2020More Details
WooCommerce Direct CheckoutWooCommerce ExtensionYQuadLayers50.00%QUADBF202011/25/202011/29/2020More Details
WooCommerce Food Ordering Made EasyWooCommerce TableYBarn230.00%BF202011/22/202012/1/2020More Details
WooCommerce Local Delivery DriversWooCommerce AddonYpowerfulwp30.00%FCBLCF202011/22/202011/30/2020More Details
WooCommerce Product Feed ManagerWooCommerce AddonYRexTheme60.00%REXBF4011/15/202012/2/2020More Details
WooCommerce Product TableWooCommerce TableYBarn230.00%BF202011/22/202012/1/2020More Details
WooFunnelsWooCommerce Conversion FocusedNBuildWooFunnels30.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
WooHoo BarNotification BarYPootlePress40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/4/2020More Details
WooPack for Beaver BuilderBeaver AddonYIdeabox Creations50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/6/2020More Details
WordPress to Buffer ProSocial Media PostingYWPZinc40.00%BF202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WordPress to HootSuite ProSocial Media PostingYWPZinc40.00%BF202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WordPress to SocialPilot ProSocial Media PostingYWPZinc40.00%BF202111/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WP 301 RedirectsUtility PluginYWebFactory30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/5/2020More Details
WP Activity LogActivity LogNWP White Security40.00%BF20204011/25/202012/2/2020More Details
WP Admin Pages ProAdmin EnhancementYnextpress35.00%Auto-Applied11/16/202012/2/2020More Details
WP Auto ListingsListings & DirectoryNWP Meta Box30.00%BF202011/24/202012/4/2020More Details
WP CharitableFundraisingYStudio 164a40.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
WP CompressImage CompressionY-94.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/3/2020More Details
WP CouponsCouponsNForgeMedia30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/16/202012/1/2020More Details
WP Coupons and DealsCouponsY-40.00%WPCD4011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP CrowdfundingFundraisingYThemeum70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Dark ModeUtility PluginYWPPOOL75.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
WP ERPERPNwedevs60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
WP Feedback ProClient FeedbackN-80.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Frontend AdminAdmin EnhancementYVegaCorp30.00%Auto-Applied11/16/202012/4/2020More Details
WP Full StripePaymentsY-25.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WP FundraisingFundraisingYWPMet60.00%BFCM202011/26/202012/2/2020More Details
WP FusionAutomationNVery Good Plugins30.00%BFCM202011/26/202011/30/2020More Details
WP GratifyReviews & TestimonialsN-30.00%BFCM202111/9/202012/9/2020More Details
WP InvoicingInvoicingYAyeCode35.00%BF202011/26/202012/3/2020More Details
WP LivestreamLivestreamingYnDzynes25.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Mail SMTP ProMail DeliveryNAwesome Motive30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Mark DownMark Down EditorYWPPOOL80.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Migrate DB ProMigrationNDelicious Brains50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Offload MediaMedia Library OptimizationNDelicious Brains40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
WP Offload SESSMTP via SESNDelicious Brains20.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/1/2020More Details
WP PortfolioPortfolioYAstra30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/1/2020More Details
WP Project Manager ProProject ManagementYwedevs60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
WP Recipe MakerRecipe ManagerNBootstrapped Ventures30.00%FR1D4Y202011/24/202012/2/2020More Details
WP Reset ProUtility PluginNAppSumo DealAppSumoAuto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Review Slider ProReviews & TestimonialsYljapps35.00%FSBFCM202011/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WP RocketCache & PerformanceNWP Rocket30.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/2/2020More Details
WP Scheduled PostsSocial Media PostingYWPDeveloper40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Sheet EditorSpreadsheets EditorYVegaCorp40.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/4/2020More Details
WP ShopifyEcommerceN-20.00%COVID11/16/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Simple PayPaymentsYSandhills Development25.00%SALE202011/27/202012/4/2020More Details
WP SMSSMSY-50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WP SocialSocial Sharing ButtonsYWPMet60.00%BFCM202011/26/202012/2/2020More Details
WP StickyUtility PluginYWeb Factory30.00%bf202011/23/202012/6/2020More Details
WP Swift ControlAdmin EnhancementYPage Builder Framework30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Table BuilderTablesYDotcamp40.00%WPTB4011/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP Terms PopupUtility PluginNLink Software50.00%Auto-Applied11/22/202012/1/2020More Details
WP Ultimate ReviewReviews & TestimonialsYWPMet60.00%BFCM202011/26/202012/2/2020More Details
WP UltimoWaaSYnextpress35.00%Auto-Applied11/16/202012/2/2020More Details
WP UpdatrSoftware UpdatesY-50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
WP User Frontend ProUser Registration & LoginYwedevs60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
WP Video PopupLightboxNPage Builder Framework30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WP VRVirtual TourYRexTheme60.00%REXBF4011/15/202012/2/2020More Details
WP Webhooks ProDeveloper FocusedNIronikus40.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/9/2020More Details
WP Word Count ProContent CreationNRed Lettuce Plugins40.00%BFCM202011/24/202011/30/2020More Details
WP10991099 FormsNAmplify Plugins50.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202012/13/2020More Details
WPamiVPS HostingYBlogBingTBAAuto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
WPCloudDeployServer Control PanelYwpclouddeploy$1,495Auto-Applied11/24/202011/30/2020More Details
WPCompleteLearnDash ExtensionsYiThemes40.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details
wpDataTablesTablesYTMS30.00%Auto-Applied11/20/202012/7/2020More Details
WPDeveloper BundleBundleYWPDeveloper30.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/30/2020More Details
WPfomifySocial ProofYIdeabox Creations50.00%Auto-Applied11/24/202012/6/2020More Details
WPFormsFormsNAwesome Motive70.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
WPinfyVPS HostingYBlogBingTBAAuto-Applied11/26/202011/30/2020More Details
WPPayform ProPaymentsYWP Manage Ninja40.00% BFCM-LTD202011/16/202011/30/2020More Details
WPScanWebsite SecurityN-25.00%BLACKFRIDAY202011/20/202011/28/2020More Details
WPXOptinOptin Forms & Lead GenerationY-47.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202011/27/2020More Details
WPZOOMThemesYWPZOOM60.00%Auto-Applied11/23/202012/2/2020More Details
YITHBundle - WooCommerceNYITH30.00%Auto-Applied11/26/202012/1/2020More Details
YoastSEO - GeneralNYoast30.00%Auto-Applied11/27/202011/30/2020More Details

Conclusion: Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals

The navigating the slew of Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals can feel overwhelming. Especially with so many premium WordPress plugins and SaaS software to choose from. But the right plugin can transform your website or open doors to opportunities that didn’t exist before this.

We will have our Directorist review up before the Directorist deal ends (December 5th) and have another list up by today.

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