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Are you in the business of content marketing? Or SEO? Or perhaps you are not a digital marketer but you run an online store or run a website. No matter the circumstances, as long as you have a website, you will need Google Analytics to help you optimise your site and improve traffic.

But SEO specialists have run blind since 2011. Organic keyword data, which was the staple of digital agencies and SEO experts suddenly became ‘not provided’ and optimizing for SEO meant making educated SEO guesses.

At that moment, the only way you could get around this is by:

  • Getting your rolling past three months keyword data on Google Search Console (you will need to save them separately).
  • Unlock your keywords via getting some ads on Google Adwords. However, this would only show you data from paid search.
  • Get keyword data from Bing, Baidu and Yandex. But for English speaking countries, unless you have tons of traffic, you won’t get enough data from Bing, Baidu or Yandex.

There is no other way to see and optimise keyword data. Not until Keyword Hero. Like a hero rescuing a damsel in distress, Keyword Hero rescues our keyword data.

Keyword Hero Review: Rand Fishkin of
Even Rand Fishkin of likes Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is the only tool that puts back keyword data to your Google Analytics accounts using nine different sources of data and some really smart machine learning. It is also a Google Analytics Technology Partner.

But does Keyword Hero really work? Read on as we present you our Keyword Hero review after the break.

Keyword Hero Review: An Introduction

keyword hero lifetime deal
Keyword Hero: Go from ‘not provided’ to seeing your keyword data again

I have never heard of Keyword Hero before they came to AppSumo. However, having run websites for since 2007, Google Analytics’ keyword data was crucial to my SEO efforts. It helps me to understand what keywords are working and how to improve my content to rank for my desired keywords.

But like others, Google Analytics’ keyword data removal in 2011 affected me. I have run blind SEO, relying on the page views data to find out if my content was working as well as keyword tools such as LongTailPro, KWFinder and Google Keyword Planner for keyword search volume.

But I was intrigued when AppSumo announced that Keyword Hero was coming to town for a lifetime deal. And after some research, I signed up for the free plan and tested the tool. Then I bought a few lifetime licenses to the beta Keyword Hero app and continued testing.

And now, I’m pleased to say in this Keyword Hero review, that it is worth every dollar and cent you invest in.

You see, keyword data is crucial. And the closest thing to Keyword Hero is AuthorityLabs, which goes for a higher USD99/month.

Installing Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero Review: Installing Keyword Hero
It is easy to install Keyword Hero

Getting Keyword Hero on your site is as easy as abc. You need to sign up/sign in with your Google account and then connect to your Google Analytics and Search Console to work.

And like magic, your ‘missing’ keyword data will be visible in 24 hours on Google Analytics. Do note that there are two caveats to this data:

  • Keyword Hero will create a new property on your Google Analytics account and pull all provided keywords with it, causing your main property empty of keywords
  • These keyword data are three days behind time and not real-time data.

My Take on Keyword Hero

I find that Keyword Hero produces accurate organic keyword data that corresponds to my traffic. As an upcoming website, I do not yet rank for much keywords but Keyword Hero helps me understand the keywords my site visitors are searching for.

As such, I find Keyword Hero an invaluable tool in my SEO arsenal. Personally, I bought a couple of Keyword Hero licenses for my current as well as future websites.

But if you stumble upon this review on Keyword Hero after the deal is over and are thinking of getting yourself a license, I would say Keyword Hero is worth every cent. Even if you are paying $29 per month. With the nearest competitor going at $99 per month and isn’t a Google Analytics technology partner, I would rather stick to Keyword Hero for all my organic keyword needs.

Keyword Hero Review: Strengths

Keyword Hero Review: Keyword Hero creates a mirrored account of your Google Analytics property
Keyword Hero creates a mirrored account of your Google Analytics property

What are the advantages of having Keyword Hero? Here’s my brief take on it.

  • Keep Your Data – Unlike the current solution of either advertising on Google Adsense or be limited by a rolling three months worth of keyword data, Keyword Hero allows you to keep all your keyword data on Google Analytics forever. This allows for some interesting data analysis.
  • Monitor SERP Position changes – With Keyword Data, you could now monitor your best performing organic keywords as well as its position on the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). Plus, you get to either
    • Boost your efforts for keywords near the very top
    • Fix issues for keywords which are starting to losing out
  • Build Better Content – Yes, you might be getting a few hundred hits on that article you wrote. But are the hits due to the keywords you were targeting? Here’s where Keyword Hero comes in. With the ability to see which keywords do well for your site, you can tweak your content strategy for better SEO results.
  • Better Long Tail Efforts – One of the benefits of not going ‘blind’ anymore, is the ability to see long tail keywords. You see, 70% of all website traffic comes from long tail keywords. With Keyword Hero, you can target long tail keywords instead of competing for a difficult keyword with some established websites.
  • Adjust to Google’s Algorithm Updates – Google runs thousands of search algorithm tests in a year. This will affect your keywords. But without Keyword Hero, you might still get the thousands of visitors per day. Except that they might be coming due to a different keyword. Keyword Hero enables you to adjust according to Google’s Algorithm Updates. You don’t have to worry anymore about Google Panda, Hummingbird nor Penguin. Nor any other algorithm changes.

Keyword Hero Review: Weaknesses

As much as I like Keyword Hero, the 1000 most frequented URL limitation for the Giant Hero plan can be frustrating. However, I guess if your site has more than a thousand pages that do well, upgrading to the Ultimate Hero plan makes sense.

I also feel that Keyword Hero could add features like:

  • Competitive Ranking Comparison – Meaning the ability to see how your website do for certain keywords compared to competitors
  • Scheduled White Label Reporting – This would be interesting to Digital Agencies, as white label reporting helps us bundle Keyword Hero as a service to clients
  • Suggested Keywords – While it is good to know the organic keywords which are doing well, perhaps having a list of suggested keywords would further help generate better content.

Keyword Hero Review: The Conclusion

Should you buy a Keyword Hero license today? If you only had $49 this month and have to decide between this, MalCare or other lifetime deals, grab Keyword Hero as tools like this are rare and will cost more than the monthly $29 once they are out of beta.

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