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If you run a WordPress website or know a friend who does, you need to get MalCare now. This is as the lifetime deal for MalCare is ending soon.

MalCare is the leading WordPress malware protection software trusted by leading WordPress maintenance agencies including:

  • WPCurve
  • WP Site Care

But why MalCare instead of say, Sucuri or some other WordPress security plugin? Isn’t the web hosting company taking care of my website’s security?

Let me answer your questions with our MalCare Review after the break.

MalCare Review: An Introduction

Hi there! I have used WordPress since 2007 and have been a WordPress developer since 2016. I have also worked for an established US WordPress company in the past.

Nowadays, as a freelance WordPress developer I consult on a number of WordPress sites, build features and layouts as well as fix hacked websites. And frankly, a hacked website isn’t pretty. Plus your domain gets penalised, tanking your website’s traffic until the removal of all malware.

Malcare Lifetime Deal 2018

What’s worse if your business relies on your website for customers and a drop in customers affects your finances badly? That’s why you need a security solution like MalCare.

To make sure you aren’t lost, let us define malware. Malware means malicious software. Its like those viruses on your computer. They do nasty things including stealing your usernames and passwords, credit card details as well as turn your site into a launchpad to launch attacks on other sites and hack them via brute force.

Sometimes they end up causing an auto-download of malicious files unto your computer, which might be accidentally installed due to their innocuous names. And these files might end up wrecking further havoc on your life.

And all it takes is for malware to infect your system is just one compromise. Like an outdated plugin or theme. Or some outdated files. And voilà, there goes your site and with it, your traffic. And for business, that means your revenue.

If you were half expecting your web hosting company to handle your security, you would be sorely disappointed. Most web hosting companies handle security on the web server level and aren’t equipped to fix malware infested WordPress websites.

The process of removing malware isn’t easy. Your site might be so badly compromised that multiple back doors exist. So, it isn’t just about reinstalling WordPress again. And the cost of hiring an expert to clean your site up might cost be a few hundred to a few thousand bucks.

MalCare Review: Why MalCare?

Here’s where MalCare shines. It is a one-click solution to your WordPress website’s security and malware issues. If you were hacked before or keep finding your site being bombarded with hackers and bots and wish to look for an effective but simple solution, look no further than MalCare.

The MalCare Comparison:

Let’s take a look at MalCare versus the other established WordPress Security Plugins/Services. This would help you decide on the value proposition of MalCare and the lifetime deal that is currently on offer.

However, even if the deal ends, MalCare brings a lot of value to the table.

MalCare vs Sucuri vs SiteLock vs Wordfence vs SecuPress vs iThemes Security Pro

  • Does Not Affect Site Performance
    • Like some antivirus program, it scans through the files on your server to find the malicious ones to remove. But unlike conventional WordPress security plugins which costs so much more, MalCare does not load your server.
    • That means, MalCare actually makes a copy of your site and then scans through the copy to find and quarantine the suspected malicious files. After determining that the files are indeed hacked, MalCare then removes these files from your website.
    • In comparison, all other WordPress security software runs on your server. This increases server load and might even result in false negatives as the server might time out. An increase in server load would also cause your site to load slower, affecting your SEO results.
  • Includes Malware Removal
    • Other than that, MalCare and Sucuri are the only security software providers that includes Malware removal as part of their pricing. iThemes recommends on Sucuri if your site is hacked while SecuPress and Wordfence charges you $170+ to remove the compromised files.
  • Affordable Prices
    • This makes SecuPress and Wordfence much more expensive than their advertised price. Plus, SecuPress actually charges you a hefty installation fee!
  • Accurate Malware Scans
    • Finally, only MalCare, Sucuri and Wordfence include machine learning and improve their algorithm as they encounter other compromised sites. This cuts down on false positives and fixes false negatives. However, MalCare goes a step further with a constant evaluation of 100+ signals to stand out from the crowd.

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MalCare Review: How else does MalCare stand out?

A few AppSumo customers have taken MalCare for a spin on malware infected sites, and MalCare has proven itself with its superior malware detection and removal.

MalCare implements machine learning to it’s already impressive 100 over signals which it monitors. This helps the system to learn and improve its algorithm enabling MalCare to capture more malicious files then its competitors.

But wait! That’s not the best thing yet.

The best thing about when your site is down with some complex infection. The amazing MalCare team personally steps in to manually handle the case. Just pass them your FTP details and they will sort your site out within hours!

My MalCare Dashboard
My Sites under MalCare

That’s gold medal in customer service here folks. And the best thing? MalCare is here to stay. They are already profitable with BlogVault.

This AppSumo license you get amazing gold standard support for life without any further costs. If you run a digital agency like myself (albeit a one-man agency), you would appreciate MalCare’s manual malware intervention on complex infection cases. Sure, you are locked into a domain for three months, but if you earn $150-200 per clean up, wouldn’t that negate the cost of your license?

With one MalCare license, you get to clean up five sites. That means, five times of $150-200. That’s why I stacked as many deals as I could afford.

MalCare Review: Amazing Roadmap

As a freelance WordPress developer, I also do maintenance work for the WordPress websites that I have built and delivered. And it delights me to see MalCare’s amazing roadmap.

MalCare Review: The MalCare Roadmap

MalCare’s upcoming feature includes the following:

  • Database Scanning
  • .htaccess Scanning
  • Manual IP Blocking
  • Vulnerable Plugins Alert
  • WordPress User Monitoring
  • Client Reporting
  • Performance Analysis
  • Auto-Update of Plugins
  • Spam Protection

I’m most excited about the database scanning as the more advanced hackers usually leave a backdoor on the database. And being a non-hacker, I could only guess which part of the database is compromised which leads me to extracting parts of the database while purging the rest.

Now, with the upcoming database scanning, I will be able to offer a one-click database scanning and malware removal from the MalCare dashboard.

MalCare Review: The Conclusion

If you run a WordPress/WooCommerce website or run a digital agency that designs and builds WordPress/WooCommerce websites, you need to seriously consider MalCare. MalCare provides value for money effective and automatic malware scanning and removal.

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