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If you are planning to sell something, research has proven that scarcity techniques work. In short, have a timer that lets your visitors know that there’s an offer on the table but the offer won’t last forever.

In my years of using WordPress (and now working on WordPress code while blogging), I’ve seen only a few scarcity plugins out there. And not many would work well nor with ecommerce options like WooCommerce. That’s until Thrive Ultimatum came along. Read on after the break for our Thrive Ultimatum review.

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Thrive Ultimatum Review: An Introduction

Thrive Ultimatum is a newly released plugin by Thrive Themes, a well-known name in the WordPress industry. Its founder has been in the industry for even longer, having successfully launched products like Hybrid Connect rewarding old customers with Thrive Leads for only USD 9.

This is crucial as many plugin developers might not have the track record that Thrive Theme has and thus, might not be able to give you long-term support.

Thrive Ultimatum continues Thrive Themes’ model of lifetime personal licenses which is a rarity in the WordPress circles nowadays as more and more developers have moved on to a subscription basis. This makes Thrive Ultimatum (and other Thrive products) to be relatively affordable.

In the long term though, I hope that Thrive Themes switches their licenses to yearly renewals (while grand fathering those who’ve purchased early like yours truly)

Every time you promote something you want to make sure there is urgency built in. We all know it’s human nature to take our time and kind of stay on the fence as long as we can. You want to make sure your audience knows it’s GO time!”

– Amy Porterfield

Thrive Ultimatum Review: Do Well With Scarcity

The highly respected and successful internet guru and startup founder, Neil Patel once said this about scarcity

Scarcity refers to any limitation placed on a product or service with the goal of increasing sales through pressure placed on the consumer. The fear of missing out causes people to make the decision to buy.

The fascinating thing about scarcity is that when something begins to run low, people’s desire tends to rise. The inverse relationship looks like this:

Plenty of stuff — no one wants it.

Not much stuff — everyone wants it.

Low supply often creates high demand, as long as the product or service is good enough. Like urgency, scarcity compels action. It eliminates procrastination. If products are flying off the shelves, and they’re almost gone, you have no time to lose! You must buy now![^1]

While a perpetual scarcity that renews itself everytime your visitors visit the sites don’t work, what if you get to lock down the campaign? What if your campaign actually closes and there’s nothing your visitor can do until you reopen it?

You see, unlike other scarcity plugins (like the famous-but-now-discontinued Scarcity Samurai), Thrive Themes have upped the ante with Thrive Ultimatum.

Thrive Ultimatum Lockdown

With Thrive Ultimatum’s lockdown feature, it doesn’t matter if your reader switches browsers, devices or even clear their cookies. The lockdown still persists, unless your reader gets a Back To The Future time machine!

This makes Thrive Ultimatum a powerful tool in your content marketing toolbox, as you’ll be able to offer non-spammy scarcity offers that don’t come back until you need it to. (unlike many internet marketers who have a perpetual clock that says 2 days before the prices rise and three days later, the prices remain the same)

If you can create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or websites, then you can successfully spur people to do what you want them to do on your page (i.e., convert).”

– Neil Patel

Thrive Ultimatum Review: Powerful But Simple Options

Unlike many other internet marketing plugins out there, Thrive Ultimatum comes with

  • A powerful customizer that lets you drag and drop the design of your scarcity offer
  • The ability to add extra offers depending on the choices your reader takes
  • Set your campaign to be recurring, once off or just an evergreen campaign that starts the timer the moment your reader visits your site.
  • Trigger the campaign upon email optin
  • Set your campaigns to run based on actual time, with time zone supported

This makes Thrive Ultimatum a powerful asset if you’re planning to launch a new product, have a sale or even get more signups. If you were to hire an experienced developer to come up with something similar, you probably need to pay quite a fair bit.

Thrive Ultimatum Review: Should You Get It?

Writing this piece of the article took me three days. While I’m convinced with Thrive Ultimatum, the question would be, how do you apply it to your business?

In terms of code quality and updates, Thrive Themes has done an excellent job here. Feature-wise, Thrive Ultimatum ticks all the correct boxes for non-spammy, converting options.

Thrive Ultimatum works best if you already have some traffic and would like to convert them to sell some products, sign p for your newsletter or even purchase an affiliate marketing item you are promoting. I personally feel its an invaluable tool in the arsenal of a content marketer.

If you run a startup or do content marketing for a company, USD 127 for lifetime updates is an investment, really. Do grab yourself a copy using the link below.

You’ll find the gallery for Thrive Ultimatum at the bottom.

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