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If you are new to WordPress and run a couple of sites, buying a WordPress plugin bundle would save you money in the long run.

You see, a good WordPress plugin bundle gives you quality WordPress plugins while ensuring the safety and performance of your site. While you can purchase these plugins individually from other vendors, the best plugins are usually expensive and often on a subscription license.

However, with so many WordPress products in the market, finding the right plugin bundle, can be confusing. You might burn a few hundred dollars or more, before ending up with a great plugin bundle. And yes, we’ve been there before.

Due of that, we hope this article will help you find the best WordPress plugin bundle for your needs.

Best WordPress Plugin Bundle: An Introduction

WordPress plugin bundles are uncommon. It is easier to find some really premium plugins recommended than a bundle of plugins. But some bundled plugins can be as good as individual premium ones.

For example, while Monarch isn’t as complete as Social Warfare or Easy Social Sharing Buttons, it is fast and offers an unlimited sites lifetime option compared to the latter. As such, I often recommend Monarch for digital agencies and in-house web designers who are constrained by finances.

Let us look at some of the prominent WordPress plugin bundle and our recommendations.

Best WordPress Plugin Bundle: The Candidates

  • Astra Pro Agency Bundle
  • Elegant Themes
  • MyThemeShop Extended Membership
  • ThemeIsle Bundle
  • Thrive Agency Membership
  • iThemes Plugin Suite
  • JoomUnited WordPress Plugin Bundle
  • Web-Dorado Advanced
  • StoreApps Elite Club Membership

1) Elegant Themes

If you need a lifetime agency Social Sharing plugin for WordPress, look no further than Elegant Themes’ Monarch.

Elegant Themes is well known for the widely used Divi theme and Divi page builder. But there is more to Elegant Themes than that.

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They boast Monarch, one of the fastest WordPress social sharing plugins and Bloom, a beautiful email opt-in plugin. I use Monarch for all my clients’ sites and would do the same with Bloom if I didn’t have any other email opt-in plugins.

Why Should You Buy an Elegant Themes Lifetime License?

  • Monarch is one of the best social sharing plugin for WordPress
  • It is also the only social sharing plugin that is on an agency lifetime license.
  • Bloom holds its own when compared to more established Opt-in form plugins

Elegant Themes WordPress Plugin Bundle: Last Words

Elegant Themes’ WordPress Plugin Bundle represents amazing value for someone starting up with WordPress and is our first choice for bloggers, small medium business owners and people starting out their digital agencies.

2) Astra Pro Agency Bundle

The Astra Pro theme is one of the fastest themes for WordPress

Astra rose into prominence with their ConvertPlug email opt-in plugin. They’ve since gone on to create a fast-growing WordPress company with the Astra theme being their flagship.

The Astra Pro Agency Bundle isn’t cheap at $699, but comes with a host of plugins that brings a lot of value to the table. This includes:

Astra Theme

  • One of the fastest themes in WordPress, Astra has grown more versatile with the launch Astra 2.0 recently.
  • Astra comes with a growing number of pre-built sites that enables you to easily launch beautiful sites.

Convert Pro

  • One of the best email opt-in plugins for WordPress, Convert Pro helps you grab subscribers via its fast and beautiful opt-in forms.
  • I set this up for every client on our WordPress Care Plan.

Schema Pro

  • Schema Pro is one of the best ways to easily setup structured for a WordPress site. Helps search engines understand the site better.

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

  • My default Beaver Builder add on plugin for every site we build with Beaver Builder. Add in PowerPack for Beaver Builder and you can build beautiful brochure sites, easily.

Why Should You Buy an Astra Pro Agency Bundle Lifetime License?

  • It brings tremendous value for a very affordable price
  • You get the plugins listed above and all future plugins that the BrainStorm Force team develops for the Astra Bundle.
  • You get six powerful plugins that you can use on your client’s site

Astra Pro Agency Bundle: Last Words

Grab the Astra Pro Agency Bundle if you are new to WordPress Web Design and need to put up sites fast. Personally, I recommend that you grab yourself an Astra Pro Agency lifetime license, as we are not certain how long it will stay on lifetime.

3) Thrive Agency Membership

Thrive Comments is the best WordPress comments plugin
Thrive Comments is the best WordPress comments plugin

Thrive Themes has come a long way since Hybrid Connect. Since then, Shane Melaugh has built a thriving WordPress products company with the focus on conversion.

Thrive Themes’ Agency Membership is the priciest on our list, with a yearly subscription of $588 for 50 sites.

However, while there are other opt-in forms and page builders, they do not have the plugin ecosystem that Thrive has developed. Furthermore, Thrive has some pretty nifty plugins that no other plugin bundle has.

The stable of Thrive plugins, include:

Why Should You Buy the Thrive Agency Membership?

  • While you can buy the plugins individually, Thrive Themes’ licensing means they are only for personal sites
  • Thrive’s plugins work closely together as an ecosystem.
  • Thrive Comments is the best WordPress comments plugin, bar none.
  • Get built-in A/B testing for your landing pages with Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize.

Thrive Agency Membership: Last Words

The Thrive Agency Membership brings powerful conversion-focused WordPress plugins that will help you gain the next subscriber / customer. Used wisely and you’ll be on your way as a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) expert.

4) ThemeIsle Bundle

Neve Pro is the fastest WordPress multipurpose theme

ThemeIsle is an interesting WordPress company based in Romania. They started in 2012 and hit pay dirt with the Zerif theme in 2015. They’ve grown from strength-to-strength since then. Personally, I like ThemeIsle’s plugins and was gutted to find Revive Old Posts Pro removed from the ThemeIsle bundle.

The ThemeIsle Bundle is currently available an affordable $199 per year, but prices may vary from time-to-time.

The Bundle comes with some interesting products which we rate highly. (And yes, an in-depth review of Neve Pro will be out soon). They are listed below, in no particular order:

  • Neve Pro Theme
  • Hestia Pro Theme
  • ShopIsle Pro Theme
  • Zelle Pro Theme
  • Feedzy RSS Feeds Plugin
  • Visualizer Plugin
  • WP Product Review Plugin

Why Should You Buy the ThemeIsle Bundle?

  • The yearly price for the ThemeIsle Business Tier Bundle (3 sites at $129) is cheaper than the yearly mid-tier price for WP Product Review (3 sites at $149).
  • This means, you technically get the other plugins and the brilliant Neve Pro theme for free

ThemeIsle Bundle: Last Words

While we prefer lifetime agency licenses, WP Product Review’s highest tier goes for $1196 for 30 sites, bringing the cost per site to about $40. However, if you are on a budget and don’t need that many sites, the yearly bundle would help you spread your costs over the years.

5) MyThemeShop Extended Membership

You won’t go wrong with WP Review Pro.

MyThemeShop has done exceptionally well since landing on the WordPress scene a couple of years ago. Back then, it were their themes that made them a household name among WordPress enthusiasts and bloggers.

But MyThemeShop has grown up. Nowadays, MyThemeShop is better known for their excellent plugins, including Rank Math and WP Review Pro.

The MyThemeShop Extended Membership retails at $420 per year for unlimited sites.

Why Should You Buy the MyThemeShop Extended Membership?

  • If you are using Rank Math, there’s a high chance that Rank Math Pro will be included in the MyThemeShop Extended Membership
  • MyThemeShop has a bunch of plugins that will add valuable features to your site.
  • WP Review Pro is the best WordPress WordPress review plugin

MyThemeShop Extended Membership: Last Words

For small digital agencies providing WordPress maintenance contracts for clients, MyThemeShop’s unlimited sites tier is invaluable.

MyThemeShop might offer a lifetime discount on festive seasons such as Black Friday.

Best WordPress Plugin Bundle: Conclusion

We hope our overview on the best WordPress plugin bundle helps you make your decision. Over at Leokoo, we recommend starting with the Elegant Theme Lifetime Access membership and the Astra Pro Agency Bundle.

These two WordPress plugin bundles will pay for itself as you deliver sites to friends, family and clients.

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